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Snake eggs found in Cornwall hatched in yoghurt maker

Snake eggs
The snake eggs were discovered in a compost heap

A family from Cornwall has hatched four grass snakes in a yogurt maker after finding eggs in their garden.

Tim Fuge, from Tremar, near Liskeard, said he accidentally unearthed 10 eggs in his compost heap about six weeks ago.

In an effort to save them, he then incubated them in a yoghurt maker and researched how to care for them with his son.

He said four of the eggs had hatched so far and there were six to go.

Snake eggs
They were incubated in a yogurt maker

Mr Fuge said he and his son had become fascinated by the process of rearing them.

He said the snakes were about the size of a pencil after they first hatched two days ago.

"The obsession with watching them hatch has been very unproductive over the last few days," he said.

"It's been fun learning about it ... having to make sure we're keeping them the right temperature, the right humidity all the time, has been a really great experience."

The family has started releasing the baby snakes close to where they found them.

Gary Powell, from the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust wildlife charity, said handling snake eggs was a delicate process.

He said: "Well done for saving the animals after accidentally disturbing them, but we don't recommend people do it because they are fragile and it's not a straightforward process."

Snake egg hatching
The eggs started to hatch two days ago

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