Snake dies after HUGE meal - but can you tell what it is?

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A python has quite literally bitten off more than it can chew after dying when swallowing a large deer whole.

In an incident which took place in Khairbari in the Jalpaiguri district of west Bengal, eastern India, the deadly snake was filmed dying as it lay still with a swollen stomach.

In the clip, the serpent can be seen with a huge protruding shape in the middle of its body.

The snake had become paralysed after the feast before locals found it near the jungle.

The snake with a huge bulge in its middle in the jungle.
The snake engulfed the deer whole, a meal that brought on its own demise. Source: Jam Press/ Australscope

The reptile had consumed the large deer last Saturday and lay motionless for two days before dying on Monday evening.

People gathered to see the spectacle before its death, with onlookers stunned by the size of the snake’s stretched body.

As a result of the huge meal, its stomach had swelled and become a drum, making movement impossible for the creature.

The snake cut open.
The deer was largely in tact when the snake was cut open. Source: Jam Press/ Australscope

After it died, the python was cut open – and the deceased deer could be seen in its entirety, curled up in the stomach of the snake.

The deer appears to have not been digested.

Mintu Chowdhury, a snake expert, said that the python likely got sick after it had swallowed the deer due to physical weakness, and would not have been able to digest its prey.

He believes the snake died to shortness of breath.

“After eating a deer for a few days, the python became paralysed in the forest as it could not move. Two days later, it died," M Karthikeyan, a ranger of Madarihat, said.

- Jam Press/ Australscope

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