Snake catcher’s warning after toddler was bitten by deadly reptile in backyard

A brave toddler has been discharged from hospital after he was bitten by a tiger snake northwest of Melbourne.

Huxon Healey has been praised for not panicking when the reptile struck in his backyard in Sunbury.

The two-year-old was bitten on the leg by a tiger snake, prompting his family to rush him to hospital with high blood pressure and a temperature.

Huxon Healey’s family are glad their boy is home safe and well after a snake bite scare. Source: 7News
Huxon was rushed to hospital when he was bitten on the leg by the snake in his backyard. Source: 7News

“He was being a bit hysterical and crying which is unusual for him, he’s usually pretty tough,” his stepdad Corey Thomas revealed.

He underwent several blood tests and was given anti-venom.

His family has revealed how proud they are after his calm response to his intense symptoms including sweating and nausea.

“He took it like a champ and we’re pretty proud of him.”

 Snake catcher’s warning

All seven of Victoria’s most common snakes are venomous and a small bite can kill, prompting snake catcher Stewart Gatt to issue a reminder to residents to remain vigilant.

“We’ve got the second most venomous land snake in the world and the fourth being the brown snake and tiger snake,” he said.

Snake catcher Stewart Gatt has warned residents to remain vigilant for venomous snakes. Source: 7News

As the weather warms up experts are warning people to be cautious of snakes as they hunt for food in suburban areas.

“The snakes come to drink and eat, they feast on frogs and mice,” he said.

While Huxon’s family had called a snake catcher to make sure the backyard is safe, Mr Thomas believes it won’t be too long before his stepson tries to get his revenge.

Snake sightings are on the rise as the weather warms. Source: 7News

“I said, ‘where are you going?’ and he said, ‘I’m going outside to catch the snake’,” Mr Thomas said.

Huxon is expected to make a full recovery under the watchful eye of his family.