Smother Your Steak In A Chocolate-Based Sauce For A Sophisticated Flavor

Steak and potatoes with sauce
Steak and potatoes with sauce - BearFotos/Shutterstock

Compared to some other dishes, a steak isn't a terribly complex meal. You'll probably put more thought into the cut of meat — whether it's sirloin, ribeye, or another selection — than the selection of seasonings. A basic steak recipe would simply call for butter and salt, but you can add complexity to your meal with a more daring choice: Why not serve your steak drizzled in the finest chocolate sauce?

Contrary to what you might think, chocolate and beef can actually be a winning duo. Unlike blander meats like poultry, beef has a very distinct taste that makes it stand out. This makes it the perfect partner for chocolate's overwhelmingly sweet notes. The chocolate adds a creaminess and richness that will complement rather than distract from the savory taste of the meat. Put the two together and you have a rich, decadent meal that might pair well with a glass of red wine. Serving chocolate sauce with steaks isn't exactly a new invention, as the practice of cooking meats in chocolate predates modern history. If you're new to the combination, though, then you might want to know where to start.

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Choosing The Right Chocolate For The Job

Broken pieces of chocolate
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While chocolate has many variants, they all fall under three main types: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. Milk chocolate is sweeter and lighter than dark, which, depending on the variant, ranges from slightly to very bitter and generally has a richer taste than milk or white chocolate. Finally, white chocolate has a vanilla taste and differs from other chocolate in that it's made with cocoa butter.

For the purpose of upgrading your steak, you might want to disregard white and milk chocolate, as these types' sweeter nature makes them ill-suited for meat. While you want some sweetness in your chocolate for contrast, you don't want to overwhelm your meat's savory notes. Select a dark chocolate that has 55 to 90% cocoa. The lower the percentage of cocoa, the less bitter it will be. Both bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolates will pair well with steak. Another factor to keep in mind is whether or not your chocolate contains any additives. Once you have selected your chocolate, you're ready to put together the sauce.

Pairing The Right Ingredients

Steaks with garnish
Steaks with garnish - Zoya Miller SVG/Shutterstock

An easy chocolate sauce can come together with just chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and water, though many prefer adding sugar to give the sauce a slightly sweeter edge. If you so choose, however, you can pair chocolate with several other ingredients for a richer sauce that will really pair well with your ribeye or sirloin. As for seasonings, consider garlic, parsley, and cinnamon as your best options when trying to highlight different qualities in your chocolate. In particular, garlic and parsley might work well as a bridge between the sweetness of your chocolate and the savoriness of your meat. For something a little more tangy, consider making a chocolate barbecue sauce combo.

As for beef cuts, you really can't go wrong with red wine and balsamic vinegar. Combining chocolate with both of these will create a well-balanced sauce that's tangy yet sweet. Of course, make sure you avoid a few crucial mistakes when cooking steak, like adding so much chocolate sauce that it drowns the meat. Remember, the steak is still the star of the show. The chocolate sauce is just a supporting player and should be treated as such.

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