Smith trapped in lift, video goes viral

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Steve Smith has produced a video of him being trapped in a hotel lift for 55 minutes that has gone viral.

The Australian vice-captain, known for his intensity at the crease, showed fans a lighter side of his personality with his Instagram post as he documented his incarceration.

Appropriately it featured a supporting act from Marnus Labuschagne, widely regarded as his protege.

"Not quite the night I had planned, I'm currently stuck in a lift," Smith said on a video showing his followers how he was trapped 20 storeys up.

"The doors won't open, it's out of service ... I've tried to get the door open, I've got this side open. Marnus is on the other side trying to open the door."

Labuschagne helped Smith keep his energy levels high, supplying a handful of M&M's through the gap in the doors as he tried to pry them open.

Smith said: "It's not much fun, I'm not really enjoying it in here."

As his boredom grew, Smith, in an eye-opening segment, imagined himself dancing while wearing nothing but a pair of swimming briefs using Romain Leroux's Instagram effect 'What will u Dance ?' filter.

When a technician finally arrived to free him Smith clambered out to applause from the "rescue team".

"That's 55 minutes I'll probably never get back," he said once safely back in his room.

The post was picked up by Twitter users including BT Sport, who are covering the Ashes for English audiences and Times of India.

Smith was in the lift longer than any of the England batsmen spent at the crease in their second innings in the third Test except skipper Joe Root.

As several users commented: "If he had been an English batsman he would have been out much quicker."

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