'Smart doorbell' captures moment suspected thief approaches family home

A ‘smart doorbell’ has helped a mother and her young daughter narrowly avoid an “unwelcome visitor” who allegedly attempted to break into their Sydney home as they slept inside.

Footage taken at the Northmead home, in western Sydney, shows a man drive by the property before parking his car and making his way into the front yard on Wednesday May 2.

Jrisí Jusakos told Yahoo7 News she was inside and unaware of the man making his way around to the side door.

The man can be seen ringing the doorbell, but when no one answers, he attempts to let himself in, Ms Jusakos said.

I think our new camera doorbell just saved our house from being broken into!

Posted by Jrisi Jusakos on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

CCTV shows the man inspecting the front yard of the Northmead home. Source: Jrisí Jusakos / Supplied

Tristan Baker was at work when the man made his way into the yard but was able to make full use of  their newly fitted smart doorbell – even if he didn’t realise.

The professional cinematographer naturally assumed it was a courier and so using the doorbell’s camera and microphone app from his smart phone, he politely told him to leave the parcel at the front door and even thanked him for his service.

But the mere presence of Mr Baker’s voice sent the man fleeing back to his car and away from their house.

Ms Jusakos said it wasn’t until they reviewed the footage they realised he wasn’t a courier.

The man can be seen ringing the doorbell before inspecting the adjacent window. Source:Jrisí Jusakos / Supplied
Jrisí Jusakos was asleep inside sleeping with her two-year-old daughter Catalina, while her son Javier, 9, was at school and husband Tristan at work. Source: Supplied

“He messed with the wrong house,” she said.

“My husband is a cinematographer, so we have cameras set up everywhere… we compiled all the footage, edited it, and handed it over to police.

“I have no doubt the doorbell saved our house from being broken in to.”

Another camera perched on the pergola of their property shows the man quickly backing away, while he can be heard saying “sorry mate, I’ve got the wrong house”.

Footage shows the man making his way to the side door of the property. Source:Jrisí Jusakos / Supplied
Mr Baker’s voice sent the man packing from the property in a hurry. Source:Jrisí Jusakos / Supplied

NSW Police told Yahoo7 News officers from The Hills Police Area Command launched an investigation after receiving a report of an attempted break and enter.

“Police are reviewing the footage of the incident and inquiries are continuing,” the spokesperson said.

No charges have been laid at this point in time.