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5 small power strips you’ll love if you’re always running out of outlets in your dorm room or apartment

5 small power strips you’ll love if you’re always running out of outlets in your dorm room or apartment

Between our computer, phone, lamp, wireless earbuds and millions of other tech accessories, we’re constantly running low on charging stations. But don’t worry! A lack of outlets doesn’t have to mean you’re destined for a lifetime of dead batteries. There are tons of great small power strips that will help you instantly increase your charging capacity.

Quick overview

We’ve created a list of five reliable options you’ll especially love if you live somewhere with limited square footage, like a dorm room or apartment. They include tons of useful features like smart powering, extra-long cords, surge protection, super-fast charging and more. Scroll down to learn more!

Teeny-tiny and perfect for travel, this power strip (OK, it’s technically a cube) is less than 2.5 square inches and weighs just over 9 ounces. It’ll fit in even the smallest carry-on, with a super flexible 5-foot cable that coils up more tightly than most others. And the cube isn’t just for your domestic trips — it can handle voltages from 100V to 240V, meaning it works with any standard wall outlet across the entire globe. There are six total places to plug in, including three AC outlets, two 12W USB-A ports and one ultra-fast charging 30W USB-C port.

$22 at Amazon

If you need lots of charging options, this is your best bet for a smaller strip. It has six AC outlets split between three sides, which helps it take up less real estate and is incredibly convenient. The ingenious design means you won’t need to worry about bulky chargers blocking you from using other outlets. There are also two 12W USB-A ports and a 30W USB-C port, with a smart charging feature that detects where devices are plugged in and helps power them up more efficiently.

$13 at Amazon

Modern homes will love this smart little power strip. By using the associated app, you can turn anything plugged into the three smart AC outlets on and off straight from your phone. There’s also the ability to set up timers and schedules for maximum efficiency. Baking cookies and covered in dough when the sun goes down and you suddenly need the light on? No worries! The app responds to Alexa or Google Voice commands. Two USB ports give you additional options for charging.

$26 at Amazon

This power strip is a great option if you don’t want to deal with another item on the floor or in your space. It plugs straight into the wall but still provides increased charging options, with three AC outlets and two fast-charging USB ports. The strip also provides 540 Joules of surge suppression to keep your electricity situation under control even in the event of unexpected power spikes. There’s a convenient little carrying pouch included that makes it super convenient to travel with.

$27 at Amazon

The adorable light pink color isn’t the only covetable thing about this little power strip, which features three AC outlets and two USB ports. (There’s also a hot pink version if you want to make an even bigger statement, as well as a more neutral basic black.) It comes with a cord length of anywhere from 5 to 25 feet, eliminating the need for a separate extension if you’re dealing with an outlet in an inconvenient location. Instead of leaving the strip on the ground and in the way, use the included adhesive sticker pads or mounting screws to attach it to the inside of your desk.

$26 at Amazon

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