Small group of Russian forces remain on border with Sumy Oblast, says HUR chief

Ukrainian soldiers
Ukrainian soldiers

Russia is maintaining a small group of troops on the border with Ukraine’s northeastern Sumy Oblast and will have to bring in reserves, Main Intelligence Directorate's (HUR) chief Kyrylo Budanov said on national television on May 14, calling the enemy's resources quite limited.

"Everything that was in the border area has already been deployed. Next, they will have to bring in their reserves," Budanov said. He noted that the Russians had planned an offensive operation in Sumy Oblast from the very beginning. However, the situation had not yet allowed them to implement their plan.

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"As of now, they are keeping a small group of troops in the border area near, let's say, the (Russian) town of Sudzha, and from our (Ukrainian) side it is in the deirection of Sumy."

Earlier, on May 14, Budanov said that Russian attacks in Kharkiv Oblast would continue for "another three or four days," after which Russian troops were expected to "make a hard push in the direction of Sumy."

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