Small detail infuriates Aussie shoppers: 'Should be illegal'

It’s not just your imagination. Supermarket items are getting smaller but not cheaper.

Woolworths supermarket shop. Maxibon ice cream.
Aussie shoppers wanting to enjoy this popular ice-cream will now get less bang for their buck. (Source: Getty/Reddit)

Maxibons have shrunk in size, but not in price. And it’s left a bad taste in some Aussie shoppers’ mouths.

One Aussie took to Reddit to share a picture of the shrinking size of the ice-cream sandwiches, saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The image shows two four-packs of Maxibons side by side for $9.50. The only difference? One is noticeably smaller, with the old box offering 620mL and the newer box just 560mL.

A number of Aussies took to the comments to share their disappointment at the smaller product.

“60 gram difference, so turns out [going] from a 155 down to 140 bar, that’s a decent chunk off,” one person said.

“I love that they advertise shrinkflation with these "NEW" tags now,” another commented.

“This shit should be illegal. For both the manufacturer and the retailer. Shrinkflation is a scourge,” a third person said.

“Noted, I'm not buying Maxibons again if they are 560ml. Pringles did this to me and I have not had one since,” another person commented.

But one person noted there was an upside to the situation, writing: “Same price - fewer calorie! /s.”

Shrinkflation is when a product goes down in size, but its price remains the same. It’s something a lot of Aussie shoppers have been noticing recently, with many calling out the shrinking size of chips, chocolate and even bread.

‘Tough times’

Maxibon announced changes to its sizing earlier this year and said “tough times” had forced the downsize.

“It’s not news you’ll want to cop, but we had to let you know first. Tough times mean tough changes. And because of that, we’ve had to make the call to downsize our Maxibon a touch,” Maxibon shared on Instagram.

“So, from this month, you’ll notice the changes, but our Maxibons will have the same taste you know and love.”

The statement came alongside a graphic that read: “MaxiCon, MaxiGone, MaxiFlation, MaxiLess, BonFlation and ShrinkBon.”

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