Slovak President offers Bratislava for Russia-Ukraine peace negotiations

Flag of Slovakia
Flag of Slovakia

Slovak President Peter Pellegrini emphasized the importance of European leaders increasing diplomatic efforts to stop Russia's war against Ukraine. He suggested that if negotiations are needed, they could be held in Bratislava, according to his interview with Slovakia's daily tabloid, reported on May 8.

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European and Slovak politicians have a fundamental duty to ensure peace in Ukraine, stated Pellegrini. He expressed willingness to offer Bratislava for "peace negotiations" if necessary, noting the city's experience in hosting similar summits.

"Let's discuss a ceasefire, explore peace scenarios, and prioritize diplomacy, reserving weapons as a last resort," Peter Pellegrini said.

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The Economist published an interview with deputy head of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence, Vadym Skibitskyi, on May 2, who said that he does not envision a scenario where Ukraine could triumph in the war solely through battlefield efforts. He stated that even if Ukrainian forces managed to repel Russian forces to the borders, it wouldn't conclude the conflict.

At present, both sides are maneuvering for the 'most favorable position' in anticipation of potential talks," he stated. "However, meaningful negotiations cannot commence until the second half of 2025 at the earliest."

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