Slovak deputy parliamentary speaker defends Russian aggression against Ukraine

Andrej Danko in the studio of the Slovak broadcaster RTVS
Andrej Danko in the studio of the Slovak broadcaster RTVS

Andrej Danko, the Deputy Speaker of the Slovak Parliament, said that Russia "is not the aggressor" in Ukraine, during an interview with Slovak broadcaster RTVS on March 8.

Danko stated that Slovakia should pursue every possible measure to prevent the Russo-Ukrainian war from affecting the Slovak people. He referred to the war as a "conflict," rather than an act of aggression by Russia.

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"Standing with Ukraine is not the answer; Russia is not the aggressor, it defends its interests," said Danko.

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Additionally, he suggested that Ukrainians themselves could be seen as aggressors for their inability to accommodate the Russian ethnic minority in Ukraine. He went on to claim that Russia started the war to "aid its nation."

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Slovakia's Prime Minister, Robert Fico, previously echoed Russian narratives about the wat, saying that the war was started by "Ukrainian Nazis" in 2014.

In January, Fico suggested that Kyiv should cede territory to Moscow to end the war.

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