Slide mark photograph is evidence of crocodile

A photo of the alleged crocodile slide mark at Pretty Pool earlier this month. Picture: Facebook

Authorities have confirmed slide marks photographed at Pretty Pool beach earlier this month were likely from a saltwater crocodile.

The photograph reported to rangers was taken at low tide and appeared to show the slide marks of a crocodile heading towards the ocean.

It is the fifth sighting at beaches near Pretty Pool since January 2012 and the 14th sighting in the broader Port Hedland area over the same period.

Department of Parks and Wildlife Pilbara regional manager Allisdair MacDonald said without a reference point in the photo, it was difficult to determine the animal's size.

"The only type of crocodile that occurs in this area is the estuarine (saltwater) crocodile," he said.

"The animal would have moved out with the tide otherwise it would have been stranded there."

Mr MacDonald said croc sightings in the Pilbara were rare with the region's 500km coastline averaging six reported sightings a year.

"If a crocodile is sighted, please obey the relevant signage and stay out of the water and away from the water's edge," he said. "Take note of the location and also the size of the crocodile and immediately report it to … DPaW."