Slain man left like "roadkill" in NSW

By Rebekah Ison

The sister of a man run over by a car and allegedly beaten in the head with a 21-kilogram boulder says her brother was left in a northern NSW roadside ditch like "roadkill".

Donald Neil Gordon, 45, has been found guilty of the manslaughter of his 39-year-old friend, Danial Patrick Cotter, who was killed at Collum Collum property near the Washpool National Park in November 2013.

Mr Cotter's sister Natasha Small on Friday asked Gordon what her brother could have done to deserve being left alone, unrecognisable and "drowning in his own blood".

"Like some kind of roadkill he was shoved in the ditch and left to rot," she told a Supreme Court sentence hearing in Sydney.

"My brother wasn't perfect but he was our imperfect human."

The court heard the two men were "grossly intoxicated" on the night of the incident and Gordon says he accidentally backed over his friend after Mr Cotter tried to get out of the car following a fight.

The crown submits blood on various parts of the boulder indicate Mr Cotter was struck with it at least three times.

But the defence says Mr Cotter could have fallen on the boulder and that Gordon's fingerprints were not present.

They also say the death was unplanned, motiveless and the result of drunk people using a car.

Ms Small told the court she sleeps with a picture of her brother beside her bed so that she doesn't see him bloodied in her mind.

Mr Cotter's mother, Pamela Shannon, says she thinks about her son injured and all alone.

"I remember wondering if he called out for me," she said.

The sentence hearing continues.