Skills Show wins praise from students

A female student in a red jumper wears a virtual reality headest  with her hands in the air as a man from Digital Jersey gives her advice
Students were able to try out some of the displays put up by employers [BBC]

The organisers of the Skills Show in Jersey have said this year's event was the biggest it has held.

Skills Jersey brings together various employers to show students what career options they have.

This year's event was the first time it had been held at the Royal Jersey Showground, allowing more employers to attend.

Opening hours were also extended to run from 10:00 to 18:00 BST so parents could make the event afterwards.

Stuart Penn, head of Skills Jersey, said "nearly 2,000 children came through the doors to see over 100 exhibitors".

The event also had a quite hour to help people with sensory issues such as autism.

Mr Penn, who is disabled, said that was important to him because "diversity is key".

"We’ve never had access to so many employers before so we needed to make that available to everyone," he said.

Stuart smiles at the camera as students check out employers' stalls in the background
Stuart Penn said nearly 2,000 children attended the Skills Show [BBC]

Year 10 students Tiara and Cristina said the event helped them see what future options they have.

Tiara said: "It gave me guidance on exactly what I want to be when I grow up and what I need to achieve it."

Cristina added she didn’t expect to see "so many options which has been really nice".

Tiara and Cristina smile at the camera as other students move around exhibits behind them
Tiara (left) and Cristina (right) said the Skills Show made them feel more confident about their future [BBC]

Noah and Simar, who are also in Year 10, said they were impressed by the variety of stalls and employers.

"It gives us a look into the future and what we might be doing," Noah said.

Simar added: "It was a bit overwhelming to see how many choices there are in Jersey and what different career paths we have."

Noah also said this year was different and he can see "there is much more we can do in careers now".

Simar and Noah look into the camera and a job stand is visiable behind them
Simar (left) and Noah (right) said they heard from many different employers [BBC]

Ruth Weber and Olivia Williams, who answered student questions at the PwC stand, spoke about the opportunities and skills required to work at the accounting firm.

Ms Weber, who is from South Africa, said she saw similar events back home but added: "It is nice to have something like this for school students and not just college students."

Ms Williams was born in Jersey and said she was used to the event being at "Fort Regent or little talks in school so it is nice to see how big the Skills Show has become".

Ruth and Olivia smile at the camera wearing PwC tops and there is a PwC banner behind them
Ruth (left) and Olivia (right) answered student questions at the PwC stand [BBC]

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