New skill, Andreas? Chelsea's Christensen hits stunning golf trick shot during football lockdown

Bongarts/Getty Images

With so many more hours to fill at home, sports stars are finding new ways to entertain themselves and Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen is no different.

Footballers are often known to favour golf as their second sport, spending a few hours on the fairway when not training, and it appears the Dane is no different.

Lining up a small cup a few feet from the wall, Christensen hits a chipped effort off the brick and straight into the target.

The celebration? A subdued shake of the fist and a "yes".

Now, do we think that was the celebration of a successful early attempt or the exasperated reaction of a man who has been there all day? We will never know.

Christensen's trick shot comes soon after Novak Djokovic swapped tennis racquet for frying pan and beat brother Marko with a couple of rallies over dining room shares and sofa cushions.

Watch Christen's trick shot above...