Sister's heartbreaking words for deckhand missing at sea

The family of missing deckhand Jeffrey Costar say they’re holding out hope he’ll be found off the central Queensland coast.

However late on Tuesday afternoon, police called off the air and sea search.

Mr Costar’s family call him a mad fisherman with a kind heart.

Jeffrey Costar has been missing since Sunday. Source: 7 News

“He’s a legend,” his sister Tiana Baxter told 7 News.

A much loved son, uncle and brother, Mr Costar has been lost at sea since Sunday morning.

“He loved life, he loved what he did, he had his dream job,” Ms Baxter said.

Ms Baxter is holding out hope for her brother. Source: 7 News
Police called off their air and sea search. Source: 7 News

A large-scale search has failed to find the 35-year-old deckhand. He disappeared from the anchored boat near Swains Reef, northeast of Yeppoon.

“We love him so much,” Ms Baxter said.

“Logically someone can’t survive that long at sea in those conditions in the water, but there’s another part that says how do you say goodbye to someone that you haven’t said goodbye to, and you can’t see and you can’t hold and you can’t bury.”

Mr Costar disappeared from this boat. Source: 7 News
The 35-year-old is a much-loved brother and son. Source: 7 News

Police called off their search based on expert advice about Mr Costar’s chances of survival.

“Is there hope, logically no, but deep in our hearts of course there’s always going to be hope until we get our brother back,” Ms Baxter said.