Sir Ed Davey urges public to choose Lib Dems and ‘vote for historic change’

Sir Ed Davey has urged the public to “vote for historic change” by choosing the Liberal Democrats and getting rid of the Conservatives.

This comes after the party leader took part in a bungee jump before asking voters to take a similar “leap of faith” on polling day.

Sir Ed said: “On Thursday, millions of people have a chance to vote for historic change.

Sir Ed Davey
Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey at the party’s manifesto launch (Lucy North/PA)

“This will be a once-in-a-century election.

“From former Conservative heartlands like Tunbridge Wells to communities across the West Country such as St Ives and Yeovil, people must vote Liberal Democrat if they want to kick this Conservative Government out of office for good.

“From Honiton to Harrogate, people are switching to the Liberal Democrats after years of failure and neglect under this Conservative Government.

“Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to beat Conservative MPs in scores of seats, save our NHS, end the sewage scandal and elect a strong local champion.”

The party said it is in second place to the Tories in 80 seats across the UK.

On Monday, the Lib Dem leader sought a General Election poll bounce for his party by flinging himself off a crane platform while shouting: “Do something you’ve never done before – vote Liberal Democrat.”