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Sinister truth behind influencer's migraine: 'Happened so fast'

Influencer Meredith Staggers was struck with a blinding headache while she was out running errands back in August.

She thought she was suffering from just another migraine, but the real cause of the headache was much more sinister.

As time went on, the Cake and Confetti founder started experiencing an aura in her left eye before she started to slowly lose her vision.

"My face started going numb and then I started losing feeling in my hands and feet," she told PEOPLE.

She frantically tried to call her husband but she struggled to register what buttons to press. After finally getting in touch with him, she lost her ability to speak about 10 minutes later.

According to PEOPLE, the mum was rushed to emergency but a CT and chest X-ray were both normal and her symptoms later subsided.

Meredith Staggers posing in a colourful dress.
Meredith Staggers thought she was just suffering a migraine brought on by a panic attack. Source: Instagram

However less than a week later, another major migraine struck the mum.

The 35-year-old had not long given birth and the mum was convinced it was just a severe migraine which she thought was brought on by a panic attack as her baby had been in hospital with RSV and pneumonia.

To be on the safe side, the mum scheduled an MRI and doctors found she was suffering from a 5-6mm brain aneurysm, which can cause a life-threatening stroke.

Days later, the influencer had surgery to ensure it wouldn't rupture.

"That was obviously very emotional news as a mum of three young girls and just feeling immediately really scared of what was to come," she told PEOPLE.

"But at the same time, I did feel a huge sense of relief that I did actually have an answer to what had been going on.

"It was just a very surreal thing because it happened so quickly. One minute it was like, 'Oh you're having a migraine,' and then the next it's no, it's something that's going to require surgical care.

"I would have never, in my wildest dreams, thought that it was an aneurysm."

Posting about the ordeal on Instagram, Ms Staggers said her life was turned upside down.

"They found an aneurysm and instructed us to pack a bag and head to the hospital," she wrote.

"I had a scope through my leg that confirmed there's a small to medium size aneurysm behind my left eye.

"It's tucked into a little pocket between the eye and the brain keeping it protected and most likely saving my life."

Meredith Staggers in her hospital bed.
Meredith Staggers is now raising awareness about brain aneurysms. Source: Instagram

Ms Staggers added it was likely leaking, which was causing the debilitating migraines.

The mum now wants to raise awareness of brain aneurysms and encourage mums to prioritise their health.

"Before this experience, I definitely didn't," she wrote on Instagram.

"Thank goodness [my husband] didn't believe I was just having a panic attack or that my hormones were out of whack.

"He didn't let me sleep it off and push through like I normally do. Without that MRI he advocated for who knows if I'd still be here.

"Now I'm making it my mission to encourage others to make their health a priority."

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