Single mum doing it tough wins $1m Lotto prize

A single mum who is doing it tough has had her luck turn around with a $1 million Lotto win.

The mum of two from Smithfield, on the northern skirts of Adelaide, cried after discovering she won the prize on November 6 after entering the Monday & Wednesday X Lotto draw 3919.

“The ticket was a gift from my mum...,” the winner told SA Lotteries.

“She is just crying because she is so happy.

“Whenever she buys an entry she always buys one for me as well because I’ve been doing it tough.”

The selfless mum of two teenage daughters said she would share her major prize with her family as well as give some to charity.

The mum was unknowingly a millionaire for six days before she discovered she was armed with the winning numbers from the draw.

“Mum just ran down to the shops and so she took the ticket with hers to check it while she was there,” the mum said.

“She just called me in tears and said, ‘you’d better come and pick me up. I’ve got something to tell you’.

“So I raced down there and that’s when they told us we had won.”

The single mum said her mother bought her the ticket because she'd been having a tough time. Source: SA Lotteries

Newsagent sells two Division One winners in four weeks

The mother bought the lucky ticket from Munno Para Newsagency in Smithfield, and manager Mary Coalter said she was thrilled by the division one entry.

“It’s amazing! We couldn’t believe we sold two division one winning entries in just four weeks,” she said.

“We are definitely hoping for a third to make it a hat-trick. We’ve seen a few more customers coming in and trying their luck. I think they are hoping they are our next division one winner.

The latest Lotto win comes after a man pocketed a whopping $10 million from his OzLotto entry.

Ecstatic with the news, he said he would be sharing the win with relatives and multiple charities to help people who had experienced less luck than himself.

Last month, a Sydney tradie walked off the job after finding out he won an Oz Lotto Division One prize of $50 million.

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