Singapore shuttler Loh Kean Yew prepares for the SEA Games

Following his extraordinary triumph at the Badminton World Championships, Singapore shuttler Loh Kean Yew talks about how he has had to adjust his preparations, now that all his opponents will be eager to take down a world champion.

Video transcript


LOH KEAN YEW: A bit rocky, yeah, yeah. Yeah, there's a lot of ups and downs trying to learn-- because it's a learning process for me to deal with this pressure. It's a very new thing for me.

I try different ways. Like, I start-- I try to be-- I try to still continue to go as an underdog, play as an underdog, but I didn't work out [INAUDIBLE] people know that, and people will analyze all my games. Yeah, and it's not easy to play while being analyzed, all that. So, yeah, I need to learn how to improvise and be better than my previous game.

And then, also, so now I try to face head on that-- acknowledge that I'm the world champ, and how should I play with this pressure on me.

He has been helping me since I was really young. Technically, he watched me grow up. So the time I was in army, [INAUDIBLE], and then I can only come out at night, because I was having calls. Yeah, so I can only come out at night and train. And he actually took his time off, his family time and all, to come and train me personally. He know that a lot of time is we don't dare to push this kind of thing. So he'll try to push us to overcome our mental barrier and all.

Spending time with them is really a more relaxed moment, and is really like family time, friend time. So it gives me the home, chill, relaxed feeling, yeah, rather than always [INAUDIBLE] world champ, world champ, and all, yeah. It's more relaxing, not always only about, like, how to be better, how to be better. A bit like work/life balance.

Now I'm trying to be as consistent as possible. So when I work on my things, and I think success will come after that. Yeah, when it happens, it happens.