Simone Ashley’s water-like 'glass hair' is so shiny, we need sunglasses to look at it

simone ashley in a purple dress
Simone' Ashley's 'glass hair' is blindingly shinyGetty Images

Simone Ashley just blinded me while scrolling Instagram, but it was worth it. The actress just took every example of the 'glass hair' trend and said... watch this. Her tresses are basically the hair equivalent of Pat McGrath's viral Maison Margiela porcelain skin makeup, because HOW can her strands be practically reflective?

Posting a series of photos to her Instagram grid, Simone's brown-black hair falls just below her shoulders and is styled with soft and tousled waves. The tapers and curves are perfect for fully illuminating the gloss on her lengths and honestly, if I were you, I'd put on sunglasses before taking a look at the picture below.

Don't say I didn't try to warn you. The blinding hair was the work of stylist Halley Brisker, using GHD and Olaplex products, and we need the full breakdown because wow. Just wow.

The makeup was by the crazy-talented Nikki Wolff. Nikki is my dreammm MUA and it's not hard to see why. For this look, she kept it simple, with a flawless yet radiant base, a deep neutral lip, and masterful sculpting of Simone's enviable bone structure.

Is it possible that the hair looks even shinier in Halley's post? It honestly looks like a dark sea at midnight. We're convinced Simone is a moon princess from the night sky. She just took ethereal into a dark and brooding territory and quite frankly, I'm obsessed.

Simply obsessed.

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