Silversands Grenada: the winter sun getaway that will leave you feeling 10 years younger


A week in the sunshine, soaking up some vitamin D can do wonders for the mind and body. There is much of it to be found in the Caribbean. And on the lesser explored island of Grenada, luxury resort Silversands promises to leave you with more than just a healthy glow.


Silversands rests on an idyllic secluded spot of Grenada’s Grand Anse beach. The resort’s location on the South West tip of the island means that not only does it benefit from the consistently warm temperatures of the Caribbean sea (as opposed to the contrastingly cool North Atlantic waters of the eastern side) but that it also benefits from the best sunsets on the island.

Come early evening as the sky turns amber, the beachfront is speckled with silhouettes of newlywed couples and families sipping on frozen Daiquiris before they slip off for supper. A blissful stretch of sugar-white sand, Grand Anse beach is also home to some excellent beach bars with Umbrella’s, Esther’s Bar, and Coconut Beach all under a fifteen minute stroll from the hotel. You’ll find a mix of local specialties such as saltfish fritters and oildown (an aromatic Grenadian stew made with breadfruit, local spices and coconut milk that is worth trying) as well as elevated beach-style plates including local spiny lobster with garlic butter or jerk chicken burgers with mango chutney. It’s worth taking note that Coconut beach throw an excellent barbecue on Sundays, complete with live music and very good rum punch.


A complimentary hotel transfer is always a nice touch. Bonus points if the car has leg room and air-con. Silversands meet its guests with a Tesla. As the car releases its doors like a bird of prey outside the hotel's glossy reception, I can’t help but hear the Bond theme tune humming in the back of my mind. This is travel in its most glamourous form.

It’s clear that a lot of thought went into the design of Silversands. Every inch is a flawless blend of convenience and style. Blackout blinds, bathroom lights and even the muslin curtains that glide round the king-sized beds in a four-poster fashion are controlled by sleek buttons built flush to the wall. Wardrobes, drawers and the well stocked minibar are enclosed behind soothing sandy wood panels that automatically light to a warm tungsten glow when opened.

The pool is the longest in the Caribbean (Silversands)
The pool is the longest in the Caribbean (Silversands)

The crown jewel of the property is undoubtedly its spectacular pool. The longest in the Caribbean, it stretches for an impressive one-hundred metres all the way from the marble lobby to the ocean (a few lengths and you’ll be nearing the strength of an Olympian). Framed by an avenue of palm trees, the view of endless glittering turquoise sea is punctuated only by the occasional luxury catamaran or superyacht.

"It is always like this," Marlena (Silversands’ Director of Business Development) says as I slide into a hypnotic trance gazing out to the ocean during our hotel tour. I make a joke about jet lag and the long flight but truthfully I am awestruck. I’ve never seen water like it. Consistently calm and clear, it reminds me of the sort of place I imagined as a child when someone said "think of paradise". Only this isn’t in my imagination.

I am awestruck. I’ve never seen water like it. Consistently calm and clear, it reminds me of the sort of place I imagined as a child when someone said "think of paradise". Only this isn’t in my imagination.

Which room?

There is an understated luxury to the rooms at Silversands. All of them follow the same sleek design with neutral tones, king-sized beds and marble paved bathrooms with rainfall showers and bathtubs nearly large enough to swim in. The ocean view rooms undoubtedly have the best views but there is a certain charm to the garden-level rooms with their private pathways leading directly to the beach.

A hill side villa at Silversands (Silversands)
A hill side villa at Silversands (Silversands)

The penthouse suites (all with ocean views) stretch out to include a luxurious living space and elevated spa style bathrooms. But if you really want to splash out, or are travelling as a family or group, the Silversands villas are The One. There are nine villas to choose from with either three or four bedrooms. Though the word bedroom is perhaps too modest. Each bedroom has its own private entrance, ensuite bathroom, outdoor sitting area and those that lack an ocean view make up for it with a heated plunge pool. "There isn’t really a bad room," Marlena confirms.

Naturally, Silversands have thought of everything (and I mean everything) its guests could need. The kitchen is stocked with fresh fruit, indulgent snacks and all the basics plus any specific requests guests might have upon arrival. There are board games for children, the latest Sonos sound system (which can be conveniently controlled from your mobile via the Silversands app). Everything from private chef dinners to personalised yoga sessions can be arranged.

Food And Drink

There are two main restaurants at Silversands, The Grenadian Grill and Asiatique. Open for lunch and dinner, the Grenadian grill serves a Mediterranean-inspired menu with a Mexican spin. There is something for everyone here, from the Grenadian Grill burger to grilled catch of the day. The lobster tostada is particularly good, and should be ordered at least once. An entire juicy fat lobster tail laced in chilli butter and chipotle mayo arrives atop a corn tostada, alongside a pleasingly zingy avocado lime salsa. Should your sunbed seem all too delicious to leave, the entire menu can be ordered directly to the comforting shade of your beach umbrella.

The food at Asiatique is inspired by the flavours of Southeast Asia (Silverlands)
The food at Asiatique is inspired by the flavours of Southeast Asia (Silverlands)

As its name suggests, the food at Asiatique is inspired by the flavours of Southeast Asia. It’s a twist on Thai classics using local ingredients. Think crispy fish with local callaloo leaf and kafir lime, and Thai green curry with chicken, sweet potatoes and breadfruit. For the second year running, Asiatique has also been home to fourth generation sushi master, Yukio Kimijima.

My husband and I are lucky enough to get a seat (there are only four available at a time) to experience the fourteen course Omakase menu. Each plate seems to out-do the one before, our cries of 'ooh' and 'ahh' hitting peak crescendo at a plate of toro (luxuriously fatty tuna belly) with salmon roe. True, the decibels could have something to do with the third round of Mai Tais (whoever is making the cocktails deserves a prize). But more than just a good meal, this is a feast for all the senses and a rare opportunity to experience and taste such skill.

Breakfast is also enjoyed at Asiatique with the best seats on the expansive veranda overlooking the gardens and pool. As well as the obvious temptations (fresh buttery croissants, pain au raisin and banana bread still warm from the oven), Silversands manage to make even the ‘sensible options’ seem inviting. Two days in and I develop a healthy addiction to their Cocoa Bali Jar. I’m told it is made from a virtuous combination of oats, banana and almond butter. Except to me it tastes like banoffee pie. Even the spinach I dutifully add to my omelette each morning seems to have more pep than it does at home.


The Silversands spa is open 24 hours a day (Silversands)
The Silversands spa is open 24 hours a day (Silversands)

One could happily spend all day and night (it’s open 24 hours) at the Silversands spa. Blending ancient healing traditions and modern science, it is here where the real magic happens. There’s a sauna, a hammam, an ice cave - and for the thrill seekers - an ice bucket shower. For those who prefer more of a gentle downtime there is ample space to flop. Beneath a rather striking installation of hanging lights lies a warm relaxation pool surrounded by potted palms and plush daybeds.

The treatment menu is extensive at Silversands and the spa have partnered with cult beauty brand 111SKIN, the skincare regime originally designed for astronauts to halt the accelerated ageing process that occurs in space. I have a mental black-book of lustrous celebrities who swear by the Celestial Black Diamond facial and book one immediately. Despite only managing to hit the gym twice during my stay, I emerge from my facial with cheekbones I definitely did not have before and a glow that reminds me of the time at home when I accidentally ordered four kilos of salmon and ate it every day for a week.

Hungry for more, I book the spa again, this time for a signature Silversands massage. The 360 approach at Silversands means that every inch of the body is looked after. After a salt foot scrub, I climb onto a silky cotton draped massage bed. The bed, I learn, is made from rose quartz sand. The quartz is said to align the spine and can help manage everything from back pain to insomnia. It’s heated and feels lovely and I sink into a deep state of relaxation whilst my therapist works wonders on my shoulders.

About an hour or so in I’m aware of a dripping sensation on my forehead. It is not unpleasant and I remain somewhere between sleep and awake, enjoying the slightly herbal aroma of cinnamon and clove. The stream of oil intensifies and finishes with a deep head massage. I’ve just experienced my first Shirodhara, an Ayurvedic healing treatment designed to detox the body and calm the central nervous system. As I float to my daybed still woozy with zen, and enjoy my post-treatment cinnamon and ginger tea and chocolate chip cookies (raw and refined sugar-free, mind) I feel glorious.


Fondly referred to as the ‘island of spice’ owing to its rich cultivation of spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, Grenada is a honeypot of activities for those who enjoy a culinary adventure. As well as the spice markets (you’ll find one just down Grande Anse Beach and a larger one at St George’s Market Square), the island is home to four rum distilleries and even has its own chocolate factory. Tours can easily be arranged by the Silversands team, but having spent most of the past three days horizontal, I enquire with the front desk as to whether there are 'any good hikes?’ Twenty minutes later I receive a WhatsApp with our pick-up time.

We make it to the top in good time (thanks to the extra plate of fried plantain and crispy bacon at breakfast) and reach the highest surrounding peak of the Grand Etang lake in just under forty minutes. The view from the top is spectacular. The lake lies in the crater of a now extinct volcano and has an otherworldly majesty about it. Along the way, we pass a plethora of flora and fauna. I see clove, cacao, and cinnamon trees for the first time. The photos don’t do it justice but I feel an elation that surely only comes with climbing a mountain (or at least a very steep hill).

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Elevated luxury with a side of adventure.

Double rooms available from £710 on a B&B basis.