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Silo dome skin finally inflated after earlier failure

An Adelaide cement group has successfully inflated a 42-metre-high dome for the construction of a storage silo after a first attempt last month resulted in a spectacular collapse.

Hallett Group says the new dome skin was manufactured in Canada, air freighted to Australia and inflated at Port Adelaide in four weeks.

It said design and process control improvements had been adopted throughout the process to ensure the dome was stable and strong.

Early last month the company's first attempt to inflate a dome skin came unstuck when it collapsed.

No one was hurt in the incident but the company said it was a setback for the project.

The dome skin is the outer formwork for the main structure which will be constructed from 17,000 tonnes of concrete and 2000 tonnes of steel.

When complete, the silo will store up to 52,000 tonnes of cement.

The construction technique has been used successfully more than 2000 times around the world, Hallett Group said.

"Our team has done a remarkable job to get this rectification process complete in record time," CEO Kane Salisbury said in a statement on Friday.