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You need these heel protectors if you plan to break in any new boots this season

An essential pillar of cold weather style is a good pair of boots. But any pair of boots requires a break-in period — and that usually means pain, cuts, blisters and more pain. While you’ve probably bandaged your heels to get through the hurt, it’s simply not practical. A few steps and the bandage has crumpled somewhere in your sock, exposing your heel yet again. There has to be a better way — and there is. These best-selling silicone heel protectors can save your feet this chilly season.

Blisters no more! These heel protectors from Amazon are a soft, comfortable silicone that forms to your heel, preventing irritation before it starts. The protectors include venting holes for breathability but don’t compromise protection from blisters, cuts and bruising. Most importantly, these feet saviors are easily washable in warm water to keep things stink-free.

Even better? A package of four protectors costs only $10.

This set includes four pairs.

$9 at Amazon

The simple yet effective product is currently capturing everyone’s attention on TikTok, with boot-loving fashion lovers sharing their success with heel protectors.

“I just got home from a concert and I wore my boots all night — and they saved me,” TikTok user @thingsasoflate says in her review of the product. “They truly, truly saved my feet.”

Amazon reviewers agree, praising the product’s comfort, quality and ease of use. Most importantly, they just work. Yes, even with the infamous Doc Martens.

“I love my two pairs of Doc Martens but they would huuuurt to wear. I would get blisters so bad they would bleed after just an hour of wear,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “These rubber heel things saved me! I just wear them under my socks and I have no pain at all. I’m so happy I can finally wear cute shoes without suffering.”

“These are thin so you THINK they’ll be another bad product — but they are amazing,” another Amazon reviewer writes, adding, “You can’t even tell you have them on either.”

So kick up your heels and add these must-try protectors to your Amazon cart. Anything beats blisters and bleeding, am I right?

This set includes four pairs.

$9 at Amazon

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