Silent Witness actress's terror as hooded man tries to force his way into her car near Tower of London

A BBC actress has issued a warning to women in the capital after a man in a hoodie tried to get in her car at traffic lights.

Shanika Ocean filmed the incident and posted the footage on social media detailing how the terrifying ordeal unfolded.

The star, who plays DC Anna Gilchrist in the hit show Silent Witness, is confronted by a man in a grey hoodie he is using to try to hide his face, the footage shows.

The incident happened in Dock Street at the junction of the A1203 near Tower Bridge at about 10.30pm on Saturday. Ms Ocean managed to swerve around him but only after she captured footage on her phone camera, which she put online as a warning and has passed on to police.

She wrote: “I don't really remember what happened next - somehow I managed to swerve around him and drive off.

“Obviously it's just a horrible, horrible experience. Just make sure you lock your car doors. London isn't safe at all.

“You can't walk with your phone out because it will probably get stolen by these guys on electric bikes, make sure your car doors are locked because you're going to get weirdos trying to get into your car.

“I wasn't even going to call the police but I was like - nah I should, because obviously this could happen to someone else this evening. I said I've got a video of him, I've got a description and they said oh ok, we'll sort an appointment next week and you can discuss it then because he did gun signs.

 (Shanika Ocean/Instagram)
(Shanika Ocean/Instagram)

“There is no police, this guy is still lurking out there. To anyone, make sure you lock your car doors.

“And especially women, when you're driving alone - London just isn't safe anymore at all and I'm literally like - thank God my doors were locked. I dread to think what would have happened if they were not.”

Even when the lights changed she said the man ran in front of her car to stop her moving and even tried the handle of the back door.

Friends of the actress took to social media to express their shock over the incident.

Patrice Monique wrote said: “This made me so angry. This city continues to be exhausting to live in.

“The whole country is a joke. So glad you're okay though”

Shanika Ocean appeared in BBC’s Silent Witness (BBC)
Shanika Ocean appeared in BBC’s Silent Witness (BBC)

Samuel James said: “We're living in dangerous times, a good thing is that the door was locked. Stay safe.”

Meanwhile Kya Garwood wrote: “Sorry to hear that. Glad you're safe he is off his head you can see it!!

“I hope more people see this video so they stay aware to stay safe too, this shouldn't be a thing that is even happening!!!”

A spokesman for the Met Police said: “We are aware of footage showing an incident on 15 June in Dock Street, E1.

“Officers are in contact with the female victim.

“Anyone who knows the identity of the man shown in the video is asked to call 101, ref 7515/15jun. To remain anonymous, please contact Crimestoppers.”