Siege underway near Brisbane train station

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Police are attempting to negotiate with an armed man to surrender at a property near a southern Brisbane train station.

They say the stand-off involving the armed man at the property near Banoon Station, near Sunnybank, started about 11am on Thursday.

Police would not confirm media reports the man is holding a young child hostage but said there were a number of people still in the home.

However, the man was known to police, and officers had visited the location before the siege, police confirmed.

"Police are concentrating on coming to a peaceful resolution to the incident," Acting Inspector Mick Ackery said.

"Specialist police or making all attempts to engage with the person in the house."

People are urged to avoid the area.

"We are asking the public to appreciate and acknowledge and stay away from the area, essentially, until we can peacefully resolve the situation."

Officers have made an emergency declaration under the Public Safety Preservation Act and cordoned off an area bounded by Dyson Ave, Geddes Place, Beenleigh Rd and Ganda Pl.

Residents have been told to follow emergency services' advice on the ground.