Side hustles: Aussie make-up artist turned $80 into $80,000

Using an online platform, Eva has seen her business boom.

A composite image of Eva Akis and her doing bridal make-up as was her side hustle and now her full time job.
Eva Akis has made around $80,000 selling her professional make-up services online. (Source: Provided)

Having worked as a make-up artist for more than a decade, Aussie mum Eva Akis was looking for more leads to help boost her business.

That was when she decided to list her services on Oneflare - a company owned by Airtasker. Since then, she has made around $80,000, after starting with $80 of credits on the platform.

“I was working part-time while raising my two boys, and didn’t have time to invest in raising my profile or marketing to get customers,” Eva said.

“As the family grew, so did my business, Eva Hair and Makeup, and I’m now doing this full-time and have made approximately $80,000 through Oneflare.”

In addition to weddings, Eva now does hair and make-up for events like birthdays, baptisms and parties, and even commercial work and productions.

“Some of the bigger bookings can be for three days or more. "Oneflare has ... helped me build my own business, become my own boss, and opened up countless opportunities,” Eva said.

From side hustle to business

There have been nearly 4,000 jobs for make-up artists posted on Oneflare since January, with a 50/50 split between weddings and general events, CEO of Oneflare Tim Fung told Yahoo Finance.

“When looking at wedding hair stylists, we’ve seen a 21 per cent rise in demand when comparing the last two quarters,” Fung said.

Fung said Eva was a prime example of how Aussies were using digital platforms to boost their business.

“[Eva has] used Oneflare to grow her business from the ground up, which is exactly how we want to be helping entrepreneurs. Outside of this, we’re also seeing people use the platform to save on marketing costs, time searching for leads and to help build an online presence,” Fung said.

“Each month, we connect tens of thousands of Aussies with great businesses – from make-up artists like Eva, to lawyers, to celebrants, carpenters, bricklayers and hundreds more, and we’re excited about the opportunities this is creating for business owners and, of course, the convenience we’re creating for consumers.”

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