Sickening moment man is pushed under truck

: CCTV has captured the sickening moment a man is pushed under a truck.

A man is seen walking down a path in downtown Los Angeles minding his own business on Wednesday when another man wearing hi-vis clothing violently pushes the him onto the road.

The man pushes a stranger as he walks down a footpath. Source: ABC11

As the man falls onto the road, an oncoming truck slams on its brakes and the random stranger’s head disappears under the wheel.

ABC11 reports a man is now in custody over the brutal attack.

The man watches as the victim slides under the oncoming truck. Source: ABC11

The man was left in a critical condition after the incident with a collapsed lung and broken bones.

After the truck hit the man, the suspect crouched down and watched him before walking away with his hands in his pockets.