Sick baby girl home for Christmas

A tiny baby, who's spent the first five months of her life in hospital, is heading home at last.

Little Eve has already had three major operations and faces more battles, but to her proud parents she's their precious Christmas angel.

Taking a baby home for the first time is always a special occasion, but for baby Eve it's a miracle.

Eve was born 15 weeks earlier than her due date, weighing just 800 grams.

The next day she was baptized.

“It was very emotional thinking that maybe she wasn't going to make it," Eve’s father Adam Masuglia said.

Doctors say a bleed on the brain at birth is likely to have caused cerebral palsy, and they're concerned about her hearing

But despite Eve's traumatic journey, including three major operations, her parents have never given up.

“We didn't care how she turned out, that’s what god give us, that’s what we'll take," her father Adam said.

Today Eve left the Royal Children's Hospital after five months.

Eve’s doctor says she is a tremendous fighter and her parents have been very devoted.

“It’s a credit to them, and the team at the Children’s Hospital that she gets to go home for Christmas," pediatrician Dr Rodney Hunt said.

Like all children, Eve's sisters have sent off their wish list to Santa, but the entire family already agrees, they've already received the greatest Christmas gift ever.

Life will be challenging for Eve and her family, but it’s very clear, she's in good hands.

“We're just going to try and give her every opportunity to have a meaningful life," dad said.

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