‘Shut up, we know you’re amazing’: Kendall Jenner trolled by half-sister Khloe Kardashian

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Kendall Jenner has been trolled by her half-sister, Khloe Kardashian, after posting a photograph of herself in a bikini with her dog on Instagram.

On Friday, the 27-year-old model shared a snap of herself in a strapless navy blue bikini outside a home while holding a bottle of her Drink 818 tequila and a glass.

In a second photo she included in the post, Jenner’s dog could be seen playing behind her.

Jenner did not caption the post but shortly after it was shared, Kardashian left her own comment beneath, writing: “Shut up Kendall. We know…. You’re amazing and you have an amazing dog too.”

At the time of writing, the comment had garnered more than 12,900 likes with thousands of replies from fans. Jenner’s post has more than 3.9 million likes.

“U re so real for this but we love her [sic],” wrote one person.

It comes after the model opened up about being in the public eye, admiting that she’s always felt “out of place” in her family.

Jenner was just 11 when her family’s reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, first started airing on E! in 2007.

Speaking about her childhood and family, Jenner told WSJ Magazine that she “didn’t choose this life”.

“Since I was really young, I felt out of place in my family,” the drinks founder said before going on to reference her fame.

“I’m not built for this by any means. I’m not good at it,” she added. “I do it, and I’ve learned how to do it.

“It took me [almost] 20 years to be like, OK, I guess I’m getting used to it now and it’s fine and I get it. I consider myself one of the luckiest people on the planet to be able to live the life that I live.

“But I do think that it’s challenging for me a lot more than it’s not.”

The model has been rumoured to be dating Bad Bunny, who finally addressed speculation of their relationship in a cover story with Rolling Stone published on 21 June.

“I know something is going to come out. I know [people are] going to say something,” the musician said without going into further detail.

“People know everything about me, so what’s left for me to protect? My private life, my personal life.”