Shots claim before NT woman went missing

A search continues in central Australia for a woman missing for a week amid claims she and her boyfriend were shot at by a gang before fleeing into the bush.

Northern Territory police believe 30-year-old Angie Fuller could still be alive despite not being seen since January 9 on The Tanami Road, north of Alice Springs.

Acting Superintendent Rob Engels said a large-scale search and rescue was under way with 240 square kilometres already covered.

"We believe Ms Fuller is alive," Supt Engels told reporters on Sunday.

"There are certainly water sources in the area that she can access."

The search continued after a rambling video was posted online from a man claiming to be the missing woman's boyfriend.

He said the pair were shot at by a gang before fleeing.

"Me and my girlfriend got ran off the road and then we got shot at by a gang," he said.

"Then it just multiplied. More carloads were just rocking up. They rocked up and just started shooting.

"We were just running through the bush. I tried my best but she just told me to f*** off but I still tried to keep an eye on her.

"I heard her scream and I ran towards the scream ... running as fast as I could."

The man said at one stage he was surrounded by their assailants and he lost sight of Ms Fuller.

He described himself as a "sovereign man" and said he was recording the video "for my own legal purposes", accusing authorities of not taking his claims seriously.

Supt Engels said the circumstances of the woman's disappearance were being investigated and confirmed her boyfriend, who was the last person to see her, was helping with inquiries.

"We believe she and her boyfriend had run off into the bush where she was last seen," he said.

"We are hoping she has gone to ground in there and is accessing water."

Police urged any motorists travelling along The Tanami Road, between 10pm on January 9 and 9am the following day, to make contact.