Shoppers warned over latest Coles collectables scam

It’s the supermarket craze shoppers can’t get enough of, but now Coles customers are being warned over a new scam preying on those collecting their mini figurines.

The supermarket giant has already cashed in big on their ‘Stikeez’ range of miniature fruits and vegetables, with the most coveted item being the ‘ultra rare’ golden banana.

With only 100 in circulation, the golden bananas are in such high demand that they are fetching more than $20,000 online.

Adelaide resident George Aslandis claims he is one of the lucky shoppers to find the golden bananas at a store in Greenacre, but not everyone is convinced.

Coles customers are being warned not to fall for fraudulent golden bananas. Source: 7 News

“It looks like someone’s spray-painted that one,” one astute Coles shopper said.

“It’s not totally gold, it’s like a bronze colour,” another commented.

It’s that same popularity and determination to land the golden banana that has led to fraudulent figurines being sold to unsuspecting collectors for huge price tags.

Retail analyst Barry Urquhart said the latest scam is reminiscent of previous attempts during the extremely popular Little Shop promotion.

One golden banana recently sold for $20,100 on eBay. Source: eBay
The Stikeez craze has taken shoppers by storm. Source: Coles

“In all three incarnations of the Stikeez promotion there has been that sort of behaviour arise very quick,” he told 7 News.

Coles has urged shoppers to be diligent when purchasing Stikeez online, saying that every real golden banana comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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