Shoppers slam new Flybuys giveaway: 'So frustrating!'

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Flybuys have launched a new giveaway game offering members the chance to win up to $10,000 worth of Flybuys dollars.

But while there are lots of bonus points and special offer prizes to be won in the Flybuys Shake ‘n’ Shop Footy Legend game, shoppers say they’re having issues actually claiming them due to a technical glitch.

Taking to social media to share their experiences, one shopper said they weren’t receiving the right amount of points after winning the game.

“Has anyone played the shake game and seen this one drop?? I was excited cause it was 850 points but when I came up afterward it’s only 500 points,” one person said.

Their post was flooded with dozens of comments from others saying they had experienced the same.

“I had an issue this morning where I got 1,000 points and it appeared in my bonus offers as 100 points,” one shopper said.

Flybuys Footy game screenshot. Source: Facebook
Shoppers said they were not seeing the correct number of points appearing in their Flybuys game. Source: Facebook

“Yep, just got the same thing: 850 points changed to 500. Still not a bad offer given it's on special already this week, but a bit weird,” added another.

Other members have said they simply couldn’t get the app to work with some frustrated Flybuys fans saying the game “didn’t work well at all”.

“It’s silly, my phone doesn’t respond to it when I move it, unless I am really dramatic, can only go from one side to the other never stops in the middle,” one person said of the game.

“It’s crap the game it doesn’t move - waste of time,” added another.

Flybuys responds to app issues

A Flybuys spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that Flybuys has since fixed the glitch with the game in the app and points are once again tallying correctly.

“Flybuys would like to inform members that a technical glitch with one of the offers in the Flybuys Shake ‘n’ Shop Footy Legend game has been quickly rectified following member feedback received today," the spokesperson said.

"Any members who may have experienced the discrepancy, will now automatically receive the higher points offer.

"Flybuys apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, and encourages members to continue to enjoy playing Shake 'n' Shop."

How to win

Despite initial hiccups with the app, there are some big prizes up for grabs.

The Shake ‘n’ Shop Footy Legend game is played via the Flybuys app with one new offer available for shoppers each day where they can win bonus points and special offer prizes.

Flybuys Footy game. Source: Supplied
The Flybuys Footy game app offers shoppers thousands of dollars in bonus points. Source: Supplied

To play the game, members need to tilt their phone to move across the football field.

Players dodge meat pies, catch footballs for offers and look out for the golden boots and special deals to win the associated prizes.

Shoppers can only claim one offer per day and then play again the following day.

Some have already nabbed themselves some great bonus point prizes.

“I got the golden shopping trolley, worth 10,000 points,” one excited shopper said.

“A golden trolley dropped down and I caught it... couldn't believe it!”

Screenshot saying 'you've scored 100 bonus points' from Flybuys footy game. Source: Facebook
Flybuys members can stores hundreds of bonus points in the game. Source: Facebook

What's up for grabs

Flybuys members have the opportunity to win major and minor prizes including 50,106 bonus points prizes, amongst 44 special offers and bonus points from Flybuys partners.

These partners include Coles, Shell Coles Express, Velocity Frequent Flyer and HCF.

The major prizes include one offer of a two million Flybuys bonus point prize valued at $10,000 worth of Flybuys dollars as well as five 100,000 Flybuys bonus point prizes valued at $500 worth of Flybuys dollars.

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