'Truly traumatised': Shopper makes 'appalling' discovery inside store

A shopper in the US made a disturbing discovery at a recent visit to a hardware store.

Lisa Flowers shared a photos on Facebook of a neatly tied noose hanging in a Home Depot store.

“NO, IT’S NOT OK!!!!” she wrote, along with calling out the Delaware store. The photos have been shared over 400 times on Facebook.

Delaware Online reported Lisa was with her sister, daughter and brother, shopping for her mother’s birthday present.

A complaint was filed at Home Depot. A communications manager from the store said staff were “appalled and disturbed by this incident”. The store is looking into the situation and law enforcement has been notified.

A family in Delaware came across the unsettling discovery at a Home Depot, causing outrage on social media. Source: Facebook

Doris Flowers said she asked the store manager about the store’s security footage, to which he allegedly said he wasn’t sure if the camera covered that section and that he could not check.

“I expressed my concerns and disbelief about the matter, in 2019 at Home Depot in the midst of today’s national critical racial divide and climate,” Doris wrote.

The noose is a symbol of hate, and is often associated with lynching and the Ku Klux Klan. It is quite common for a hanging noose to be used to intimidate or harass African-Americans or other minorities.

“My daughters and I are truly traumatised about the sight of a ‘hanging noose’ and the insensitivity of the employees at this Home Depot, located in an urban community,” Doris said.

Staff at the Home Depot store in Delaware said they were "appalled and disturbed" after a hanging noose was found in the aisle. Source: Getty Images.

“Imagine the outcome of this situation had it been witnessed by some of our black youth who have not yet mastered the ability to handle this situation in a mature manner.”

The family has reportedly reached out the legislators in Delaware, but have not yet received a response.

Many of the people commenting on the post have expressed their disgust at the situation, many commenting this was in fact, a hate crime.

Some have said they will now boycott the hardware store.

It’s not the first time a noose has been in used to intimidate, in April this year, a dark skinned doll with a noose around the neck was left outside an Aboriginal organisation in Victoria.

The find left the local community feeling “sickened” and “unsafe”.

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