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Shocking video shows police pepper-spraying Occupy protesters

Shocking footage has emerged of police pepper-spraying a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters staging a sit-in at the University of California.

The videotape shows an officer using the spray on a group of people who appear to be sitting passively on the ground with their arms interlocked.

Several videos, believed to be shot on Friday, were posted to YouTube showing police moving in on an Occupy encampment on the campus.

In the video, an officer displays a bottle before drenching the seated protesters with the stinging spray in a sweeping motion, walking back and forth.

Police also arrested 10 people from the venue.

The video shows witnesses gasping in horror and chanting, 'Shame on You,' as the protesters are sprayed and then led away by officers in helmets.

Calling the video "chilling," UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi said she is forming a task force made up of faculty, students, and staff to review the events surrounding the protests.

Police claim the protesters were warned repeatedly that force would be used if they didn't move.

The pepper-spray incident was not the first involving police and the Occupy protesters. Earlier this week, an 84-year-old woman was pepper sprayed at an Occupy Seattle protest.