Shocking video shows high school students' dramatic car park brawl

A NSW high school went into lockdown after a dramatic incident between two students and their parents.

NSW Police said Kelso High School, in Bathurst in the Central West, went into lockdown on Friday after the incident escalated.

A shocking video also emerged on Friday of a separate incident reportedly involving two Kelso High School students at an aquatic centre car park on Thursday.

One girl is seen pointing at somebody sitting in the back seat of a car, threatening to kill them.

Someone in the background then says: “Just hit her” and “have a go”.

Two girls believed to be Kelso High School students were filmed fighting on Thursday. Source: Facebook/Ray Hadley Morning Show

Two girls then start hitting each other and one is pushed to the ground while the other continues to punch her in the head.

As the girl covers her face with her hands, another person walks up and kicks her in the head.

“Leave her, what are you doing?” a person can be heard saying as a man attempts to help the girl on the ground.

A NSW Police spokesman told Yahoo News police were aware of the incident and officers from Chifley Local Area Command were investigating the footage.

A girl was knocked to the ground during the car park brawl. Source: Facebook/Ray Hadley Morning Show

The NSW Department of Education confirmed the school went into lockdown on Friday morning for a short period “after two students and their parents’ behaviour escalated on site”.

“No one was harmed,” the statement said.

It said the separate fight filmed on Thursday did not occur on school grounds and was after school hours.