Incredible video shows brave approach to help distressed deer

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WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A game warden has taken an “amazing” approach to save two deers who were tangled by their antlers.

The two whitetail deer bucks were found with their antlers locked together by a bow hunter on a property in Kansas City, in the US state of Missouri, last week.

The hunter called Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism who sent two game wardens who were “determined to save them from an agonising death”.

“At the time, the wardens didn’t know how long the bucks had been struggling to free themselves, but quickly observed that the deer had enough energy and wariness remaining, to make approaching them difficult and potentially dangerous,” the department said.

“However, the wardens were determined to do their best to save them from an excruciating death.”

Two whitetail deer are seen with their antlers tangled together.
These two whitetail deer were found trying to jostle free of each other after becoming tangled. Source: Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

Left with little choice, the wardens had to be creative in helping the bucks. Video shows the two animals in a violent struggle to free themselves, flailing wildly and wrestling on the ground.

As the pair fall into a creek one of the wardens gets the drop on them and throws a cloth on their heads.

It stops the animals from moving as they almost sit in a trance.

“I’ve got a good shot,” one of the wardens says.

He draws a pistol and trembles as he prepares to fire.

With a single blast of his gun he obliterates one of the buck’s antlers.

The animals, now free from each other’s grasps, gallop away in the opposite direction from each other.

Viewers in awe at warden’s ‘great shot’

On Facebook, people were in awe at how the game wardens saved the animals.

“Impressive,” one man wrote.

“That was some wise thinking and a great shot.”

A game warden draws his gun at two whitetail deer bucks stuck to each other.
The warden prepares to take his shot. Source: Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

One woman called the warden’s aim “impressive” while others called his actions “amazing”.

“Give that man a raise,” another man wrote.

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