Shocking video shows schoolboy, 15, smoking a bong on Sydney train

A video of a 15-year-old boy appearing to smoke a bong on a Sydney train has sparked debate online.

The Daily Telegraph posted the video, believed to be filmed in June last year, along with an interview with the unknown teenager where he’s reported as saying “I don’t give a f**k,” when asked if he was worried about being caught by police.

The vision was filmed on Sydney trains and shows the boy sitting with other youths in the gangway of the train smoking a homemade bong with a lighter and passing it to the person next to him.

The boy’s friend told the media outlet how they avoid detection when smoking marijuana in public.

“What you’ve got to do is you’ve just got to have it packed mate and you smoke it - then you tell the cops it was baccy (tobacco),” he said.

The vision appears to show a boy sitting in a Sydney train smoking a homemade bong while another youth films him. Source: The Daily Telegraph.

People have responded to the video on social media, with many asking questions.

“When did society break down to this level with people having no respect for themselves or others?” one person said.

A Facebook user thought there may be a deeper reason for the behaviour.

“What could be going on in his mind, his life, to bring him to this?” someone wrote.

Another person said youths rebelling wasn’t isolated to 2019.

“Children have been rebellious since the beginning of time, what do you think has changed?”

A spokesperson for Sydney Trains told Yahoo News Australia that while incidents involving drug use on the network were rare, they monitor the network with CCTV and encourage passengers to report anything suspicious.

“We encourage customers who witness any criminal or anti-social behaviour on one of our train services to report it to NSW Police or Sydney Trains staff immediately,” the public transport provider said.

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