Shocking video shows people risking their lives to take selfies

This amazing footage captures tourists risking their lives to snap dangerous rutting stags, from less than two metres away.

The silly selfie-takers were caught on camera standing worryingly close to the large adult male stags in Richmond Park, London on October 16.

Student nurse Andrew Taylor, 19, from Essex, an hour west of London witnessed the incident.

“At the moment we are in the rutting season which is when the stags are fighting for a female,” Mr Taylor said.

“They are fully charged with testosterone, and will be dangerous if you get too close to them.

A man taking risky selfies (pictured). Source: Caters

“People need to remember they are wild animals, they are not tame or friendly.”

Richmond Park has issued warnings saying that visitors should stay 50 metres away from the animals, but Andrew claimed some of the photographers were less than two metres away.

“There have been attacks in the past,” Mr Taylor said.

“Only last year a lady was rammed at by a stag and ended up with serious puncture wounds in her thigh.”

The stag was just metres away from the woman (pictured). Source: Caters