Shocking twist after Brisbane student murdered mum

A shocking twist has emerged in the murder of Queensland woman set upon by her own daughter, who made a triple-0 call in an attempt to hide the crime.

Radica Zafirovksa was bludgeoned to death with a piece of artificial timber as she slept in her bed at the family home in The Gap.

A shocking twist has emerged in the murder of woman set upon by her own daughter at their home in The Gap. Source: 7 News

In an unexpected turn of events, Simona recently learned she was not the woman’s biological daughter.

The 22-year-old, a teaching student, made a panicked triple-zero call claiming intruders were in the house she shared with her mother. During the emergency call, Simona claimed she could hear “footsteps from the wooden floors”.

“I’m just afraid to leave my room,” she added, but it was all part of an elaborate act.

Simona Zafirovksa (left) turned on her own mother Radica, bludgeoning her to death as she slept. Source: 7 News

Asked if it was her mother moving around the house, Simona responded: “No, no”

She knew it wasn’t her mother moving around, because she’d just murdered her.

When police responded they found no signs of forced entry. The murder weapon was hidden behind a book case in the daughter’s bedroom, covered in fresh blood.

Police found no evidence of forced entry into the home at The Gap. Source: 7 News

Radica was a cleaner at the Supreme Court, where her daughter was on Wednesday convicted of her murder and sentenced to life behind bars.

Simona only found out Radica wasn’t her mother when police obtained her DNA as part of the legal process.

The prosecution argued her motive was that she wanted to return to Macedonia to be with her boyfriend, but her mother had threatened to cut her off financially if she did.

Simona Zafirovksa used this piece of artificial timber to murder her mother as she slept. Source: 7 News

Simona was sentenced to life behind bars and won’t be eligible for parole until 2036.

She had nothing to say after the verdict, but started to weep during her sentencing.

A victim impact statement from Simona’s brother was read to the court, saying how much she was loved by her mother and how generous she was.

Her legal team has already indicated she will be appealing the conviction.

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