Shocking photos reveal 'irresponsible' act from eco resort

Tom Flanagan
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An eco resort that boasts of being ‘inspired by nature’ has admitted to dumping piles of rubbish on its own estate.

The picturesque Sahom Valley Resort in Kampa, 170km north of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, offers guests a “perfect getaway surrounded by mountains, rivers and greenery”, however a recent visitor has documented a disturbing waste problem on its estate.

Local geologist Kovin Siva visited the eco resort with friends last week and discovered a pile of waste strewn across the landscape, nestled among its lush greenery and next to a river.

Photos shared by Kovin Siva showing rubbish strewn all over the ground at Sahom Valley Resort in Malaysia.
Geologist Kovin Siva was shocked with the sheer amount of waste dumped on the resort's estate. Source: Facebook

He shared on Facebook video and images of the waste which consisted of a variety of plastics, including plastic bags and bottles.

“Coming from a resort who notes ‘Eco Park’ in their very name, the sight that we came across resonates utter rubbish,” Mr Siva said.

The geologist said he approached resort staff at its reception however he said they claimed to be unaware of the “eyesore”.

His post attracted anger from Facebook users, with one lambasting the resort as “irresponsible”.

Mr Siva told Yahoo News Australia he was shocked that the venue promoted itself as an environmentally sustainable business.

“The part that makes no sense is that resort is using the word ‘eco’ but not living up to it,” he said.

Mr Siva said waste management was a major issue for the region, with resorts and communities having to travel up to 15km to dispose of its waste properly.

He said it was clear authorities were not doing enough to enforce laws preventing such waste sites.

In a message to Yahoo News Australia, management of the resort said the matter had now been “settled” and the waste had been cleared, while vowing to rectify its waste procedures.

A photo of the pool at Sahom Valley Resort, which claims to be an 'eco park'.
The Sahom Valley Resort, which claims to be an 'eco park'. Source: Facebook

“We will try to figure the best way to handle waste and will improve our waste management after this [incident],” they said.

The management did not clarify how the waste had been cleared, with Mr Siva skeptical the issue had been properly resolved.

He suspects the rubbish may have been buried.

“The damage is done and clearing it up and saying sorry is not enough... [they] need to do more to give back to what has happened,” Mr Siva said.

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