Shocking moment toddlers spotted walking along busy motorway

This is the moment a stunned bus driver spots two toddlers walking hand-in-hand on a busy motorway bridge with their parents nowhere to be found.

Wang Shenfu, driver of the number 953 bus in the port city of Xiamen in East China’s Fujian province, found the three-year-old girl holding her two-year-old brother’s hand on the Xiamen Bridge.

Footage from Mr Wang’s bus shows a saloon car driver with his hazard lights on closely following the tots from behind as they waddle across the bridge with countless other vehicles around.

The siblings were spotted walking nonchalantly along the busy stretch of road. Source: Australscope/ CEN

Mr Wang eventually stops and, with the help of another local resident, manages to get the young siblings to board his bus.

He informed Xiamen police and drove the toddlers, who were luckily unharmed, to the Xiamen North Railway Station where officers were waiting.

Authorities with the Dianqian Police Station said a man surnamed Yu reported his daughter and son missing at 8.11pm on October 4 – exactly 45 minutes before bus driver Mr Wang called in his distressing discovery on Xiamen Bridge.

Remarkably the children were unharmed from their dangerous adventure. Source: Australscope/ CEN

The siblings wandered away from their parents on the city’s Gaoqi North 2nd Road, which is roughly 1.6 kilometres from where they were later found.

They were returned to their family shortly after.

“The children were so small. One of them wouldn’t stop crying when they got on the bus, but the passengers helped comfort them,” Mr Wang said.

“It was a very dangerous situation because of how small they were. I couldn’t just leave them there, so I had them brought aboard and drove across the bridge,” he added.

With Australscope.