Shocking moment P-plater turns the wrong way at a roundabout

A dashcam has captured the shocking moment a P-plate driver turns into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing a head on collision.

In the video posted to Dash Cam Australia’s Youtube channel, the driver with the camera can be seen pulling up to a roundabout as a small black car with P plates drives past in the right lane.

Without hesitation, the black car suddenly turns right at the roundabout - barely missing a passing blue car.

“What are you doing?” the driver with the dashcam can be heard saying.

“What the f**k are you doing!”

Social media viewers reacted to the vision filmed on January 11 with a combination of jokes and concern for the safety of the other drivers.

“I would actually wet myself in fear, how terrifying and dangerous for those drivers,” one person said.

Without hesitation, the P plate driver turns right into a roundabout. Source: Dash Cam owners Australia

“I seriously don’t understand what goes through people’s minds when they are driving,” another wrote.

One person suggested that the provisional licensed driver needed a new type of plate.

“We have the L-plate and the P-plate so people can be more careful around them. Can we get a D-plate that dumba**es have to put on after they show up on these videos?”

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