Shocking find inside man's intestines during routine medical check

The patient, 63, admits he had no symptoms and was just as surprised to learn about the intruder as doctors were.

Doctors have been mystified by a live fly found deep inside a man's intestines during a medical exam.

The patient, 63, was undergoing a routine colon cancer screening with doctors performing a colonoscopy — putting a camera inside his intestines to check for abnormalities — when the fully intact fly was found.

It was inside the transverse colon, the upper area of the organ.

The live fly rests against the intestinal wall.
The live fly was found inside the man's intestines during a routine colonoscopy. Source: American Journal of Gastroenterology

After being notified of the doctors' discovery, the patient from Missouri in the US confessed he had no idea how the insect got inside his body, confirming he had no symptoms and no prior sign the fly was there before he was told.

Fly may have come from lettuce

The patient was instructed to consume only clear liquids as is customary ahead of his colonoscopy but explained he had eaten a pizza and lettuce the evening before his 24-hour fast, with doctors believing the fly may have come from the green vegetable. However, doctors are not certain and the patient had no recollection of seeing a fly in his food while eating the meal.

In most cases stomach acid kill flies, yet in rare instances flies can hatch inside the body from eggs laid in fruit eaten by an individual.

"Flies and their larvae can infest the human intestine in a condition medically termed intestinal myiasis. This happens when someone consumes food containing fly eggs and larvae" the doctors wrote in a published medical journal regarding the "rare colonoscopic finding".

"[It is a] mystery on how the intact fly found its way to the transverse colon," they continued.

Much like the patient in Missouri many people with intestinal myiasis are asymptomatic, however others suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

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