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Shocking find in man's X-ray after drunken fight

Hangovers don't get much worse than this.

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: Imagine waking up one morning with a pounding headache and a vague memory of a booze-fuelled brawl from the night before. Now, imagine the pain in your belly isn't from the hangover, but from a 15cm knife blade nestled in your stomach.

This is the bizarre scenario that unfolded for a 22-year-old man in Kathmandu, Nepal, who was stabbed in the upper right abdomen during a drunken fight, leading to some blood loss. Seeking help, he visited a local health worker who stitched up his wound without suspecting a foreign object inside his body.

Stitched wound on man's abdomen; X-ray of knife in abdomen
An X-ray revealed a knife blade lodged in man's abdomen. Source: Jam Press

However, the day after the altercation, the man began experiencing abdominal pain and sought treatment at a nearby hospital, according to Cureus Medical Journal. An initial examination revealed the stitched-up wound, and an X-ray unveiled the astonishing truth — a blade, just millimetres away from vital organs, had taken up residence in his lower left abdomen.

Astonishingly, despite the knife being lodged inside him, the man had still been able to eat and use the bathroom without nausea, vomiting, or other typical gastrointestinal issues.

To rescue him from this sharp predicament, surgeons performed a laparotomy — a small incision into the stomach — and extracted the blade. Miraculously, none of his organs sustained injuries; he merely sported a 1cm superficial scar on his liver.

Knife blade embedded in stomach fatty tissue
The blade was found embedded in fatty abdominal tissue, which likely prevented more serious damage. Source: Jam Press

Fortunately for the patient, the blade had been enfolded in omentum, a fatty abdominal tissue, likely shielding him from more severe damage during its journey from the upper right abdomen to the lower left. Further examination revealed minimal blood and no intestinal contents in the abdominal cavity.

Following five days of recovery, the man was discharged from the hospital. His doctors advised him to return for a check-up a week later, but, as it turns out, he didn't attend the scheduled appointment.


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