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Shocking discovery on X-ray of man's penis

A “vigorous” sex session has left an Indonesian man in hospital.

The 50-year-old man was rushed to an emergency department in Java after being in extreme pain and unable to urinate for four hours.

There, he told doctors that he’d felt a “crack” while having intercourse with his wife.

A subsequent examination revealed the man’s penis was significantly swollen, had turned purple and was curving to the right.

Scans revealed a rupture in the man's penis and physicians diagnosed him with a “characteristic eggplant deformity”, according to a study in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

An x-ray of the man's penis.
An x-ray of the penis revealed a 'characteristic eggplant deformity'. Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports. (International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.)

Man rushed into emergency surgery

Within two hours, the unidentified man underwent emergency surgery for a fractured penis.

During the operation, the skin was “degloved” before doctors discovered that the anterior urethra and corpus cavernosum had ruptured.

The occurrence is so rare that one study found only two other cases had ever been identified.

Surgeons also uncovered a significant haematoma, a pool of blood outside of a vessel, running from the tip of the man's penis to the scrotum causing the “eggplant deformity”.

hospital in Java.
The man took himself to hospital in Java after four hours of pain. Source: Facebook (Facebook)

Man makes full recovery after penis injury

After a successful operation and recovery, the man was discharged from hospital five days later.

Pleased with their work, doctors warned that the outcome could have been a lot worse.

“Despite the fact that a penile fracture is a rare emergency, it can cause morbidity in the patient, especially in terms of sexual life,” the report states.

Four months later, the man was back to his best.

“The patient can now void and interact sexually with his wife without experiencing any discomfort,” according to the journal.

However, doctors did note that a minor curvature to the left remains.

Fortunately though “no pain was reported and the condition did not interfere with sexual intercourse”.

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