Shocking discovery as 14 geese found decapitated in park

Fourteen geese have been found dead with many decapitated leading to a police investigation in Canada.

The birds were found dead in “an industrial area” in Toronto on Monday morning local time, police said in statement. 

The 14 geese had injuries including “decapitation, tearing of the wings, tearing of the legs and snapped necks”. It’s not clear if all 14 were decapitated.

Fourteen geese have been killed in Toronto with many found decapitated. File pic. Source: Getty Images

The injuries “did not appear to be consistent with another animal attack as the carcasses were intact,” police said.  

Constable Jennifer Sidhu told CBC it appeared someone “tore the wings and the legs of the geese, and actually snapped some of their necks”.

The investigation continues.