Shocking CCTV shows passenger being thrown through car window

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: Shocking footage of a speeding car ploughing into a tollgate and ejecting a passenger through the windscreen has reiterated just how important it is to be wearing a seatbelt. 

CCTV from the tollgate on the Florida Turnpike in Osceola County shows the white SUV approaching at speed just after 7am on June 3.

The car then smashes head-on into the barrier, sending the front passenger flying through the windscreen, before ending up almost 10 metres away from the wreckage.

An undamaged car, waiting in the adjacent toll lane can be seen trying to figure out what happened as the two attendants assess the scene, while the wreckage erupts into flames.

The car doesn’t appear to slow down as it approaches the toll booth. Source: Florida Highway Patrol
The horrific moment of impact. Source: Florida Highway Patrol
CCTV showed the passenger flying through the windscreen of the vehicle. Source: Florida Highway Patrol
The passenger was thrown all the way into the next lane. Source: Florida Highway Patrol

It’s not until they eventually exit the car that they notice the injured passenger laying motionless on the ground next to their vehicle.

Remarkably, the ejected passenger, the driver, and the three other passengers all survived the horrific crash.

The trooper later wrote in his report that the driver of the car appeared to be fatigued.