'We're in shock': Mum, dad and new baby all share Christmas Eve birthdays

A baby coming into the world around Christmas is time is about as special as it gets but for the Kelly family, it was almost too much to fathom.

Amber and Sean Kelly, of Indiana, were surprised to learn they shared the same Christmas Eve birthday when they first met.

The surprises just kept on coming when their first child decided she wanted to make December 24 birthday a real family affair.

After going into labour on the 23rd, the couple never expected to be sharing their birthdays but little Violet had other ideas.

Sean and Amber Kelly welcome their baby girl into the world on Chrsitmas Eve – a day that will hold extra meaning to the young family. Image: WTHR News

“We are still kind of in shock. Because we joked about it,” Ms Kelly told local media

“I mean I joked about it a ton.”

Her husband was equally stunned by the unique connection he now shares his his family.

“I didn’t believe she was going to come early, especially that early on the 24th,” he said.

Any chance of the bizarre feat repeating itself seem slim with the Kelly’s insisting they are going to try and avoid having any more children during the holiday season.