'She’s everything to me': Frantic search for lorikeet taken in stolen vehicle

A retired couple travelling the country were left in a panic on Wednesday when their car was stolen with some particularly precious cargo on board.

While the vehicle is crucial to Barbara and Trevor Harrison’s cross country adventures, it wasn’t their main concern when police were called early this morning.

Perched in the back of the enclosed tray of the ute was a beloved lorikeet named Dolly, which the couple has had for more than a decade.

“We have had her for 12 years, they are monogamous and she has mated with me so she won’t have anything to do with anybody else,” Mr Harrison told 7News.

“I know she’ll be stressing and won’t be eating. Being my mate for the past 12 years, she’s everything to me,” he said.

Dolly the bird was in the car when it was stolen. Source: Facebook: Sophie Comrie

The concerned granddaughter of the couple, Sophie, posted a call out on Facebook asking people in the area to be on the look out for the vehicle and, more importantly, the family’s feathered friend.

“My nan and pop now retired and are travelling Australia, and their 2016 Ford Ranger was stolen last night from Norman Gardens, Rockhampton,” she wrote.

“His rainbow lorikeet which he’s had for 12 years was locked in the back canopy. Please keep an eye out for this bird, he doesn’t care about his car he just wants his bird back.”

The post has been shared nearly 2000 times and attracted hundreds of comments.

Police have confirmed they are still looking for the vehicle but on Wednesday afternoon there was good news when Dolly was found on the side of the road in her cage.

“An older lady found her dumped on the side on the road and took Dolly to a pet shop,” Sophie told Yahoo News Australia.

Left: Mr Harrison and Dolly were thrilled to be reunited. Right: Mr Harrison's granddaughter, Sophie, said Dolly was found on the side of a road. Source: Facebook/Sophie Comrie

Sophie later posted a photo of Mr Harrison and Dolly back together, much to the delight of worried Facebook users.

The heartwarming reunion was captured on camera by 7News, and showed Dolly jumping straight into her owner’s hands.

“I knew you’d be hungry,” Mr Harrison exclaims, while vigorously patting his lost friend.

Queensland Police are still investigating the car theft, which took place out the front of a north Rockhampton home overnight.

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